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Biblical Spiritual Counseling
  • Provide Bible based life teaching on our podcast

  • Facilitate Christian counseling at medical missions events

Medical Missions
  • Provide free health screenings and medications

  • Organize and host subsidized medical services with affiliate company
    Doxa Specialist Clinic


  • Provide free Specialist care to qualifying underprivileged patients

Social Support
  • Assist with local disaster response 

  • Supply IT devices to underprivileged students

Health Education
  • Provide health awareness teachings through our podcast, community and church events

  • Offer training programs through online courses

  • Fund the training of qualifying healthcare workers through the provision of grants or scholarships

  • Train individuals to offer community-based health care services

  • Provide certification classes for allied health fields at a subsidized rate

We provide health tips for the spirit, soul and body on our weekly podcast.

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