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Decisive Moments: How Decisiveness Strengthens Faith

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Welcome to our blog post. Today in "Decisive Moments: How Decisiveness Strengthens Faith”, we investigate the essence of decisiveness in our journey of faith.

Defining Decisiveness

What does it mean to be decisive? When we talk about improving ourselves and growing spiritually, being decisive means that we can solve a problem fast and well. It means that we can choose what to do quickly and with confidence, and that way we can control how things turn out.

The Perils of Doublemindedness

The path of faith is no place for hesitation. Indecisiveness is a result of faith and fear coexisting in our hearts. As James Chapter 1, verses 6-8 in the Amplified Classic version cautions us, a man of two minds receives nothing from the Lord. A person who wavers between faith and doubt can be compared to a billowing surge at sea, blown hither and thither, tossed by the wind. For us to align fully with our faith, decisiveness is a key attribute to nurture.

Being Decisive: The Stories and Strategies

Let's consider the story of Peter, as recounted in Matthew Chapter 14. Peter's first decision to step out of the boat, though later marred by doubt, offers a valuable lesson in faith and decisiveness. When Jesus called him, he did not hesitate. He made a decisive move. It's this bold decisiveness that we need to cultivate.

To help us make swift and confident decisions, seeking God's will through His word and prayer is vital.

The Bible serves as our ultimate guide, while prayer opens the channel of divine communication.

By studying the scriptures and seeking divine guidance, we can become more decisive in our actions, making choices that align with God's will.

For a practical strategy, we can employ the "5-second rule" by Mel Robbins. This self-coaching tool helps to conquer the moment of hesitation, fostering swift action towards a goal or commitment. Count down from 5 to 1, then step forward towards the goal or action we are undecided or procrastinating about. It is a simple yet powerful approach to amplify our decisive spirit.

Taking the Leap of Faith

When God speaks to us through his word, by circumstances, or through His prophets, we need to respond without hesitation. Even if we stumble, as Peter did, we must remember that God is ever ready to lift us up. As we learn to be more decisive in our faith journey, we unlock new realms of spiritual growth and blessings.

In our quest for decisiveness, we should strive to be unwavering in our faith, eliminating doubt, and trusting in God's infinite wisdom. As we become more decisive, and our spiritual journey becomes more fulfilling, let us remember:

Decisiveness Strengthens Faith

Thank you for joining us in exploring this crucial facet of faith.

Be decisive. Be bold in your faith. And witness how it strengthens your relationship with God.

Until next time, God Bless You!


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